Despite care and attention being given to the current building, it has deteriorated due to the extreme coastal environment and the choice of original materials, some of which have not stood the test of time.


Quite simply, the current building has passed its useby date. The current building was built in the 1990s when the Surf Club had a membership of 150. The building was subsequently extended in 2001 when the membership was at 250, but even then, no one could have foreseen the significant population growth that was about to occur in Papamoa. Today the Surf Club has membership of over 750 and this figure is forecast to grow to well over 1000 members by 2020.

Over and above this, the actual layout and functionality of the building have become compromised. The large rooms are now expected to serve multiple purposes. As an example, the lounge behind the patrol tower has conflicting uses as a change room, a lifeguard patrol stand down area, a training room, an equipment storage area, a meeting room, a hired function room, a gym and a dining area.

Space is now at such a premium that expensive training and rescue equipment is stored outside in railway containers, or in hallways, changing rooms and even at members’ homes.

The Future Building

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